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City student helping people to get into the job market

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BSc Sociology student, Afshin Moayed, who will graduate in July 2014, co-founded Individuum a recruitment start-up helping graduates to enter the labour market.

Individuum launched in Luxembourg in 2012. Since then, the company witnessed a sharp rise in youth unemployment in Europe and therefore decided to expand to London and Paris to offer their innovative solutions to students and companies.

According to Afshin, what makes his company stand out is that students and graduates can sign up to Individuum and benefit from offers of well-established partner companies in Europe, an innovative way of presenting their CV and skills and also potential opportunities of being head hunted by other recruiters.

Entrepreneurial journey

Besides winning a third prize at CitySpark, the annual business idea competition, Afshin’s team also took part in workshops and enterprise mentoring activities organised by CitySpark and continued to work with their mentor for a while.

Afshin told us that the biggest challenge he and his co-founders faced when starting Individuum wasn’t getting their first customers, it was getting the team right: ‘The challenge was to organize and establish a competitive team and be able to work together while all being in different locations. At that time, one of my partners was in Luxembourg, one in Strasbourg and me here in London. It wasn’t easy, but what made it happen was the dedication of the team.’

With the team settled in the last two years they have successfully established themselves as the major player in graduate recruitment in Luxembourg, and got backing from Xavier Buck, one of the co-founders of MEGA and a successful entrepreneur and investor.

Working in London right now, where the job market is slowly recovering, represents a big opportunity not only for Individuum because of the diversity of its environment and the number of multinational companies opening offices here, but also for graduates who are looking for jobs locally and in Europe.

Afshin is currently running Individuum London’s office from The Hangout, an interactive work environment with great amenities specially created for City students/graduates and entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for jobs and want to learn more about the company? Have a look at

Cass Alumnus and Founder of Humble Grape Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign

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James Dawson (MBA 2004) is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with an International background. After studying Economics and Psychology in South Africa he did an MBA at Cass and then went on to work as an MD in the financial sector with roles in Paris, New York and London.

In 2009 he started Humble Grape, a profitable wine merchant and events company, which already has an existing private and corporate client-base in London, along with an extensive portfolio of 130+ unique wines, directly imported from boutique, family-owned, vineyards.

James Dawson

James Dawson, Humble Grape Founder

James explains why he decided to become an entrepreneur: “Creating something from nothing, breathing life into it and then nurturing its growth is one of the most exciting things I could possibly imagine.  Being the master of your own destiny and being able to do what is best for the business makes me excited to face each new day.”

Business Expansion Campaign

Humble Grape has decided to expand onto the high street with a wine bar and retail shop in Shoreditch, and James’ team is raising awareness about a crowd funding campaign launched recently.

James explains the objective of the campaign: “The main point of the campaign is to give people the opportunity to take part in the Wine-Tech revolution which aims at disrupting a 500 year old business, something that has already started a few years ago in the U.S. and that will gradually happen to London in the next 5 years. We believe that technology together with a fun educational approach can really simplify the way people connect with the world of wine.

Equity crowd-funding is a fantastic opportunity for startups to expand with the help of everyone, from investors to the community. The equity offered is 15% on the entire Humble Grape brand and anyone can invest from as little as £10. By supporting us, you also support all the sustainable little vineyards we import the wine from, raising awareness of high-quality handcrafted products and healthy drinking.”

They are also organising a crowd-funding free party on Thursday 27 March, and it is open to everyone interested. Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seedrs, will be the guest speaker.

To learn more about the Humble Grape, please visit their website:

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