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In conversation with Leo Castellanos, Cass alumnus and Co-founder of

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Cass Business School was the perfect location to meet Leonardo Castellanos, Executive MBA alumnus who graduated in 2009. He told us about his entrepreneurial journey and business plans.

Leonardo, who is originally from Venezuela, arrived in the UK back in 2002. He was already working for Price Waterhouse Coopers, a big consultancy firm. In 2007 he decided to start his MBA at Cass Business School because he was really keen on making a change in his career. He said “Half way through the MBA I decided that I had enough of consulting for big firms. I have been doing it for nine years and, you know, I had a good career, it was a great school. I really thought that at the end of the day what I achieved, could have been achieved by someone else, it was just another project. That’s why I decided that I really wanted to go and head into entrepreneurship and venture capital, and started working within that space.”

How was the experience of working and studying at the same time?

“It’s a challenge, it was a part-time MBA and it’s obviously a huge commitment to have a full-time job and do well in your studies. There is course work, exams and your family. Your social life suffers quite a lot, but in the end is a commitment that you know that you’re making and it’s for a certain period of time, and so you just have to go through with it.” and Leonardo’s role during its development.

A few months after Castellanos finished the MBA, he co-founded his start-up called, a price comparison website. He and his partner Alfredo Ramirez, also a Cass alumnus and originally from Peru, followed a successful model in the UK and developed it for the Latin American (LATAM) region.

“We agreed to the fact that Latin America had a huge potential and we wanted to tap into that. Obviously it was a personal project and, you know, we both had bills to pay, in my case, I had a student debt to repay as well, so we couldn’t just forget about all of it and follow that route. We had to keep our jobs while working on the idea” he said. After a few hard-working months they finally launched in Peru in 2010.

Leonardo’s role has always been developing the business and, most importantly, finding investment to keep it growing. He says “Alfredo’s skills and mine were complementary. His background is in technology so he was in charge of developing the websites, and mine were in accounting and finances so I took charge of the business and money raising strategy. In 2012 we started working on an expansion model and by March 2013 we raised a small round of over half a million dollars” This big achievement allowed them to expand their business to four new countries including Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

What’s the future of comparison sites?

Castellanos knows that competition is inevitable, but according to him has the biggest foothold in Latin America and will lead in the years to come. “We have two competitors we worry about. They are in two or three countries where we have presence in, but we certainly believe that, like in the UK, there will be room for four or five big companies aggregating for national products and we want to be really leading that pack” he said.

What are your business expansion plans?

“We will certainly be looking, not in the next 12 months, but in the next 24 to launch in specific regions within LATAM. That may include the Hispanic states of the US. We are seriously considering launching in places like Florida, California, New Mexico and Texas. There is also the idea of launching in my own country, Venezuela, which we are not doing due to the lack of clarity to do business, but we believe that that would be a good market to be working in. There are other smaller countries that are also presenting a good opportunity, but it’s a matter of focus. We really want to consolidate in the countries we already are. Doing what we are doing well and then go beyond that.”

What are the “must have” qualities of an entrepreneur?

Leo-Castellanos-at-Cass“Being an entrepreneur is about working with people, in my view. You have to try to be good at many things, but not try to excel at everything because it is impossible. I think that recognising things that you don’t have and assigning it to others and being resilient is very important. Sometimes, you have to be quite stubborn and always follow what you think is a good opportunity. Also, make sure that you bring people together and create a vision that they will follow.”

We finished our conversation talking about the Cass Entrepreneurs Network (CEN) and the very important role it plays at facilitating a forum where entrepreneurs can meet investors and connect with potential partners.

Leonardo said: “I think the next step for CEN is to facilitate the connexion between Cass alumni and Cass students that are passionate about entrepreneurship and also to provide a little more support. I think that it’s important to drive that community spirit and I am very sure that people like me, and another people that have been to Cass are happy to contribute to that.”

Find out more about Leonardo’s business:

City student helping people to get into the job market

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BSc Sociology student, Afshin Moayed, who will graduate in July 2014, co-founded Individuum a recruitment start-up helping graduates to enter the labour market.

Individuum launched in Luxembourg in 2012. Since then, the company witnessed a sharp rise in youth unemployment in Europe and therefore decided to expand to London and Paris to offer their innovative solutions to students and companies.

According to Afshin, what makes his company stand out is that students and graduates can sign up to Individuum and benefit from offers of well-established partner companies in Europe, an innovative way of presenting their CV and skills and also potential opportunities of being head hunted by other recruiters.

Entrepreneurial journey

Besides winning a third prize at CitySpark, the annual business idea competition, Afshin’s team also took part in workshops and enterprise mentoring activities organised by CitySpark and continued to work with their mentor for a while.

Afshin told us that the biggest challenge he and his co-founders faced when starting Individuum wasn’t getting their first customers, it was getting the team right: ‘The challenge was to organize and establish a competitive team and be able to work together while all being in different locations. At that time, one of my partners was in Luxembourg, one in Strasbourg and me here in London. It wasn’t easy, but what made it happen was the dedication of the team.’

With the team settled in the last two years they have successfully established themselves as the major player in graduate recruitment in Luxembourg, and got backing from Xavier Buck, one of the co-founders of MEGA and a successful entrepreneur and investor.

Working in London right now, where the job market is slowly recovering, represents a big opportunity not only for Individuum because of the diversity of its environment and the number of multinational companies opening offices here, but also for graduates who are looking for jobs locally and in Europe.

Afshin is currently running Individuum London’s office from The Hangout, an interactive work environment with great amenities specially created for City students/graduates and entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for jobs and want to learn more about the company? Have a look at

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