Naked Wines revenues soar as pandemic fuels the need for alcohol at home

Cooped up at home, households are drinking more alcohol. Credit:

Online wine retailer’s sales have increased by up to 65 per cent in 2020

Naked Wines, an online wine retailer which launched in 2008, saw its revenue jump by 80 per cent as households turned to ordering alcohol amidst the national lockdown.

When the UK introduced a national lockdown on the 23 March, leading to the closure of bars and restaurants, the wine retailer saw an increase in revenue as consumers wanted alcohol to their homes. The firms sales grew by 55 to 65 per cent for the current year, compared with an earlier forecast of 40 per cent.

Local stores which have remained open have also seen an increase in alcohol sales. Omar Khan, who owns a Food & Wine shop on Harrow Road, said “alcohol has been very popular during the first and even the second lockdown. I’m convinced everyone is now an alcoholic because they have nothing else to do.”

“It’s been great for business because people can’t go to bars and restaurants and so they turn to stores that stock a variety of alcohol. At one point we almost ran out of wine.”

Khan argued that sales of alcohol will continue to rise after lockdown ends in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on the 2nd of December. He said “people may get used to drinking at home and making drinks, rather than spending more money in a bar”.


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