The blog is coming back!

red welcome City banner in front of Rhind building entranceAfter a lengthy summer pause the blog is coming back soon, stay tuned! This is a great resource for City’s students as we advertise International Politics and History related talks, events, jobs, internships, competitions…as well as the activities of the History and the International Politics Student Societies: have you seen their brand new Instagram pages?!?  @cityips  and @Cityhistorysociety

If you have ideas to propose (student events to advertise, editorials or other content for the blog) contact Dr S.Silvestri:

Dr Sundaram gives talk in induction week


Student Spotlight: What Does American Stand For In the World?

This week’s Student Spotlight is a think piece from Rupert Gibson from IPM113: US Foreign Policy. It’s got punch! Congratulations Rupert! What America stands for in theory and praxis are almost diametrically opposed, as whilst in writing the US stands for ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, in reality it practices exceptionalism and imperialism […]

Student Spotlight: How Has China’s Foreign Policy Changed Since Xi Jinping Became President in 2013?

The student spotlight reignites with this new piece from Albert Bischoff examining leadership in the People’s Republic of China. It was written for IP1040: Studying Politics and is great example of analysis from a first year City student. Congratulations Albert! We accept submissions to the Student Spotlight at China’s foreign affairs prior to Xi […]

Student Spotlight: Is the post-colonial challenge to international relations’ Eurocentrism convincing? by Nadim Khan

This week’s Student Spotlight comes from the postgraduate module IPM125: Theories of International Politics. Nadim Khan explores post-colonialism and its critique of mainstream IR theory In this essay I will explain the meaning of Eurocentrism and postcolonialism in relation to the historic and ongoing hegemony of Western powers and institutions in international relations. My interest […]

Student Spotlight: The Food Waste Battle for Sustainable Future by Oliwia Pietrusiak

This week’s student spotlight is a policy briefing from IP2052: Practical Politics on food politics by Oliwia Pietrusiak which is an excellent demonstration of real-world engagement and skill-building in our undergraduate International Politics programmes. Starting from producers, through processors and retailers, ending with consumers, food waste is surrounding us throughout all stages of the food […]

Weekly Update: International Politics Society, “First Amendment” Social, Book Launches, and maybe something about the NSS

And we are back. Check out all the hot stuff happening this week. Did I mention the NSS and other student surveys? We have had a great response to the NSS and Student Surveys but we would love to hear from you. Undergraduate Final Year National Student Survey Undergraduate First Year Your Voice 1 Undergraduate […]

Student Spotlight: On the Success of Transnational Women’s Movements by Margot Sterckman

We are thrilled to be back with our Student Spotlight series being kicked off by Margot Sterckman’s excellent essay on transnational women’s movement for Dr. Tom Davies’ module IP2019: Transnational Social Movements. But before you jump into this amazing essay please, if you are a final year undergraduate,  listen to a few words on the […]

Weekly Update: NSS, NSS, and the Student Surveys (also events and internships)

Welcome back everyone! There is a lot going on at the start of term, but the most important thing is the National Student Survey is now open and we really want to hear from our final year students. And so my terrible NSS memes are returning with a vengeance.   The NSS and You Have […]

Why is History such an Important Feature of Political Theory? by Lola Chaumont

We’ll be ending this year at the City Politics Blog on a high note with Lola Chaumont’s excellent analysis of how history and political theory relate to each other for IP1032: Introduction to Political Theory. Although they both seek a certain understanding of humanity, history and political theory are very different disciplines. While history tries to […]

Student Spotlight: Has Political Islam Failed by Mohammed Al-Husari

Congratulations to our first Student Spotlight author, Mohammed Al-Husari for contributing this excellent essay on the future of political Islam. “I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam” this quote is attributed to the Egyptian scholar Muhammad Abduh in 1888. […]