Feeds and other deeds

I’ve had a reasonable amount of interaction with technology today.

Firstly IT came to install a plug in on my PC and to find out why they couldn’t access it remotely (all fixed now). Then I was typing work for several minutes and realised it wouldn’t save so typed it again and then same problem so I started saving one line at a time. Then I tried to open a file on a USB stick and it said it had unreadable content (it managed to open it somehow though).

Next, my colleague (thanks Rowena) told us Google Reader (feed reader) was being decommissioned by Google. Truth be told I’ve never been a huge GR user. Then there was a clamour to find an alternative feed reader. Other colleagues suggested Feedly and Newsblur.

I tried Feedly, it wanted me to download a Firefox plug in which I wasn’t able to do and I couldn’t find a login screen. (Oh dear , I feel another IT support call coming along). Next Newsblur, It let me create an account but then error messages ensued and it crashed. I guess it’s a case of panic buying bread in shops or panic alternative feed reader finding. I’ve just read an article on 20 alternatives to GR so all is not lost.

Then I had a conversation with a colleague about apps and mobile libraries and the necessity of having Smartphones and iPads when working in Uni libraries (note to self- must acquire such gadgets).

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