Year: 2014

Erasmus visit to the Freie Universität Berlin part 2

 At the Freie Universität, the  Library Director met with myself and a Library trainee on  placement and gave us an overview of the history, structure and projects and a tour of the main library. There are some similarities with the UK in terms of infrastructure and library systems.  There are differences though in terms of…Continue Reading Erasmus visit to the Freie Universität Berlin part 2

New perspectives through Erasmus

I work as a Research Librarian at City University London Library. My role is a new one and I started working here in February 2013. I have been encouraged to go out and meet colleagues in other universities with a strong research culture to build a network and exchange ideas. I was aware of the…Continue Reading New perspectives through Erasmus

Visit to the IOE Library

I recently visited the IOE Library “The Newsam Library and Archives holds extensive collections of current and historical materials on education and related areas of social science. In addition to supporting the work of staff and students at the Institute of Education, the Library and Archives welcomes enquiries from all scholars, researchers and others in…Continue Reading Visit to the IOE Library

Visit to SOAS Library -June 2014

I visited recently SOAS to meet subject librarians to discuss experiences of researcher and subject support. The Library website is I used to work there previously and it was great to see some former colleagues when walking round. SOAS has undergone some refurbishment, particularly on the ground floor where there is now an exhibition…Continue Reading Visit to SOAS Library -June 2014

Open Access

Open Access is about making research outputs freely available on the Internet at the point of access, as opposed to a traditional publishing model which places research published online behind a subscription or paywall. Open Access takes the results of research that has already been paid for and makes it freely available online. It includes…Continue Reading Open Access

Web of Science/ Google Scholar partnership

Web of Science has now partnered with Google Scholar to make their content more discoverable. This means that you can see Google Scholar links on Web of Science. To do this, do a search, click on the title of the result and then click on Look up Full Text and this will display any Google…Continue Reading Web of Science/ Google Scholar partnership

Vitae Researcher Development website

The Vitae website is very useful for promoting the interests and development of researchers. Useful webpages include: Developing as a researcher Supporting researcher development Supervision Employability News and events are also advertised. Information about the Vitae Researcher Development Framework is here….Continue Reading Vitae Researcher Development website

Meet The Press Trial

Since its television premiere in 1947, Meet the Press has cemented its position as an institution in broadcast journalism. For the first time ever, network TV’s longest running program—with its thousands of interviews, panels, and debates—is available via streaming online video. Now, students and scholars have unprecedented access to this material, including many episodes not…Continue Reading Meet The Press Trial

Finding theses

There are many ways to find past theses. Some are free and some are subscription resources. Library catalogues City University Library holds print copies of PhD and for example DPsych theses submitted by our research students. Theses can be searched via the library catalogue by subject/ keyword and then click Thesis on the left hand…Continue Reading Finding theses