IEEE Xplore = Research resource of the week @CityUniLibrary

  1. IEEE/IET Electronic Library is brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library. Featuring content from IEEE as well as the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), IEL contains almost one-third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering, communications, and computer science.


  • PDF access to nearly three million documents from over 1.6 million authors
  • Highly-cited, peer-reviewed research that fuels more new patents than any other publisher, including:
    • 154 IEEE journals, magazines, and transactions
    • 27 IET journals and magazines, plus 20+ IET conference titles
    • Proceedings from over 1,200 IEEE and IET annual conferences
  • More than 2,200 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology fields, with the option to add draft standards
  • IEEE Redline Versions of Standards
  • IEEE Standards Dictionary Online
  • Complimentary access to more than 3,100 papers from 20+ VDE conference titles
  • Access to articles accepted for future publication
  • Backfile to the late 1800s for select titles
  • INSPEC® abstract/citation and bibliographic records
  • Unlimited article downloads
  • Weekly updates with more than 20,000 new IEEE/IET articles added each month


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