Read for Research

Taking an overview of Read for Research at City University London Library


  • A patron driven acquisition scheme offered by Library Services  based on the research interests of students and staff.
  • Started in November 2013 and has continued since.
  • So far we have purchased 1208 titles (books and e-books) through the scheme.
  • Very popular across disciplines in the University.
  • A reading list of titles is being compiled which indicates the breadth of research done at City.
  • A visual display of titles  can be found on our Researcher guide.
  • See our #readforresearch and @Citylibresearch on Twitter and see feedback from our research students on their choice of titles and on Read for Research. Feedback includes : “Highly recommend – have ordered loads of fantastic books. Get into it students!”
  • The furthest distance travelled by a Read for Research (Law) book is probably a title ordered from Australia.
  • City research students & staff can order titles by simply completing the Read for Research webform and use #readforresearch to discuss their choices.

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