Sunday Times Digital Archive 1822-2006

The Sunday Times has provided comment and analysis since 1822 both on weekly news and on societal issues in general.  City Library Services subscribes to The Sunday Times Digital Archive  which provides a complete searchable run of the newspaper from 1822 to 2006.

The nineteenth century content has previously not been very accessible and has been largely unexplored but the archive now provides researchers with a large range of social, historic and cultural content and insights.

The twentieth and twenty first century content is well known for its investigative approach to journalism and in-depth and well researched stories.

It is a great resource which is of general interest and is especially useful for humanities and social sciences courses such as History, Journalism, Politics and Cultural Studies.

You can access the Sunday Times Digital Archive directly from the Databases A-Z on the CityLibrary homepage by using your City IT username and password.

See also our Newspaper guide for both current and historic newspaper content.

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