How to recognise an ‘Accepted Manuscript’

With an increase in the number of policies requiring academics to deposit their ‘accepted manuscripts’ in repositories such as City Research Online (CRO), the library Publications Team has designed a quick and easy graphic guide to help you recognise which version is the ‘accepted manuscript’:

The ‘accepted manuscript’, or ‘Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM), is the version that most publishers will allow to be deposited in CRO. It is also the version that must be uploaded to  CRO to satisfy the open access requirements for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021.

The accepted manuscript can be identified by the following:

  • It has been through the peer review process and has had suggested changes added
  • It is the version that has been finally accepted by the publisher
  • It has not been typeset or copyedited by the publisher
  • It often takes the form of a word document, however some publishers require authors to submit their articles in a supplied template form which can also be considered as an a ccepted manuscript.

If you are unsure if the version you have is the accepted manuscript, contact the Publications Team who will offer further advice and assistance.

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