Designing a poster for the first time

I recently attended the Learning at City conference and was offered the opportunity to present a poster.  This was the first time that I have produced a poster so thought I would share some tips. I found it enjoyable, a opportunity to be creative, a talking point and delegates at the conference asked interesting questions such as “What is information literacy and how do you teach it?”

  • Use the opportunity to develop your creativity.
  • If the poster is based on an abstract, remain true to this.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look for an organisational template or an existing poster to adapt with permission.
  • Make it clear, well structured and not too content heavy.
  • I initally drafted the content using Adobe Pro editing tools. It was then edited in MS Publisher.
  • Seek out colleagues to assist with design expertise as required.
  • The content is similar to a presentation and probably takes as much thought but is possibly more concise and visual.
  • Ask a colleague to proof read and check the resolution of the poster especially if it is being professionally printed.
  • Love your poster and allow it to tell the story of your research.

Poster – Increasing student confidence through information literacy







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