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The book chapter, Globalization and Mass Media by Dr Carolina Matos (Department of Sociology) is the most downloaded publication from City Research Online (CRO). Since being added to CRO in 2017 and has since been downloaded nearly 58,000 times – that’s 717 downloads a week. The chapter looks at the how mass media has shifted scope from a local and national level to a more global level spurred on by technology, deregulation and commercialisation. It’s not surprising that this chapter has global appeal with the majority of downloads coming from the Philippines, India, the UK, US, Pakistan and Nigeria.


Top 10 downloads

Overall there have been nearly four and half million downloads from City Research Online, since it was launced in 2012. The top ten downloaded publications are mainly from the arts, humanities and social sciences. Users are making use of a range of publication types including articles, book chapters and theses.

Publication Total Downloads
1 Matos, C. (2012). Globalization and the mass media. In: Encyclopedia of Globalization. . Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. 57,675
2 Susen, S. (2011). Critical Notes on Habermas’s Theory of the Public SphereSociological Analysis, 5(1), pp. 37-62. 51,466
3 Francis, J., Eccles, M. P., Johnston, M., Walker, A. E., Grimshaw, J. M., Foy, R., Kaner, E. F. S., Smith, L. and Bonetti, D. (2004). Constructing questionnaires based on the theory of planned behaviour: A manual for health services researchers. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Centre for Health Services Research, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. 33,402
4 Banerjee, S. B. (2008). Corporate social responsibility: The good, the bad and the uglyCritical Sociology, 34(1), pp. 51-79. 31,637
5 Quinsee, S. and Bullimore, A. (2011). Creating the strategic learning environment at City University LondonCampus-Wide Information Systems, 28(4), pp. 275-288 30,623
6 Greer, C. and Reiner, R. (2015). Mediated Mayhem: Media, Crime and Criminal Justice. (5th ed.) In: Maguire, M., Morgan, R. and Reiner, R. (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Criminology. (pp. 245-278). UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0- 19959027-8 25,732
7 Waterhouse, R.T. (2014). Satanic abuse, false memories, weird beliefs and moral panics. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London) 24,981
8 Michie, S., Richardson, M., Johnston, M., Abraham, C., Francis, J., Hardeman, W., Eccles, M. P., Cane, J. and Wood, C. E. (2013). The Behavior Change Technique Taxonomy (v1) of 93 Hierarchically Clustered Techniques: Building an International Consensus for the Reporting of Behavior Change InterventionsAnnals of Behavioral Medicine, 46(1), pp. 81-95. 23,755
9 Gill, R. (2008). Empowerment/sexism: Figuring female sexual agency in contemporary advertisingFeminism and Psychology, 18(1), pp. 35-60. 21,097
10 Williamson, Rosanna (2013). Exploring the therapeutic self. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis, City University London) 16,234


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