Using newspapers and magazines in your research

If you are researching either current or archival news topics or wish to use online magazines, our newspapers and magazine guide is a good starting point for your research.

Current newspaper content can be found on databases such as:

Nexis UK  is a news database which offers national, regional and international news from a range of sources on various subjects emphasising on business and industry, including company and industry reports. Its content is updated daily and many titles have a 20 year archive.

Factiva provides access to international newspapers, trade publications, magazines and websites in over 23 languages, including Chinese simplified and Arabic. Particularly useful for business and industry news and information.

PressReader provides instant access to recent  over 2,000 newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages in full colour.

We also have some archival access to some newspapers such as the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

You can also join the British Library and access the newsroom. The newsroom is on the second floor at St Pancras and has a range of information and resources to assist your research.

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