Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is Google’s search engine for scholarly works. Some of these will be available as City online resources, but many will be citation-only. You can make your Google Scholar search more effective by connecting Google Scholar to your City account.

Change your Google Scholar settings

  1. Go to Google Scholar and select the Menu bar.
  2. Select Settings then Library links.
  3. Enter City, University of London into the search box and select Search.
  4. Tick the check box to the left of City, University of London- is it @ City Library? and Save.

Now, when Google Scholar returns your search results, you should see the link is it @ CityLibrary on the right-hand side whenever we have a valid subscription to access the article.

Citation tracking 

Citation tracking involves selecting key studies you have found and, for each of these, browsing studies that have cited them. This may help you to find studies that you did not find through your database searches which are useful for your research.

  1. Go to Google Scholar and enter the title of a study or research paper in the search field and press the search button
  2. Where citations are available, select the Cited by link under a result.

Some articles, such as newly published ones might not have been cited by others as this can take time.


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