Retracted articles – shown on CityLibrary search

As a researcher, it is good to know about the status of articles, as you may be aware,  sometimes journal articles can be retracted because they include either accidental or deliberate errors.  The retraction could be due to incorrect experimental or interpretive errors and is to prevent researchers from being wrongly informed and wasting time and resources by attempting to replicate or use inaccurate studies,  results and conclusions.

It can be  difficult to determine whether an article has been retracted. CityLibrary search can  help with this and  show if an article has been retracted.

For example,  search for this article: Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over Left Dorsolateral pFC on the Attentional Blink Depend on Individual Baseline Performance

and you will notice the article is labelled as a “Retracted Article”

If you click on the “Retracted Article” link you will be given additional  information explaining why the article was retracted

Example of a retracted article on BrowZIne

The data about retracted articles comes from an integration between CityLibrary search and LibKey which provides our journal browsing tool  BrowZine.   You will find retraction data has also been integrated into this plugin, for example when using databases such as Web of Science.

You many find that the  article  has been amended and republished on a future date, in which case you can consider reading it for your research.


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