New search discovery tool for City University Library

Be the first to try our new City University Library search discovery tool for your research and please give feedback. Library Services are launching a next-generation search tool, allowing users to search across a wealth of Library content. The product is currently being tested and will be launched later in the year.…Continue Reading New search discovery tool for City University Library

Scoop It

I have just started using Scoop It today and I must admit I have started scooping sites and I am liking it, see Scoop It is a tool for curating websites and content, you can create folders on different topics and bookmark different resources there. It has a really nice, smart interface and looks…Continue Reading Scoop It

Networking for researchers

Everyone has a network, small or large even if we don’t realise it.  This may be: researchers, academics, supervisors, professional support staff, previous colleagues, people from conferences and special interest groups, social contacts. Networking,  although not always a comfortable activity can be productive and useful for researchers and lead to new opportunities. Networking can: Lead…Continue Reading Networking for researchers

Developing an online identity with social media

Everyone to a greater or lesser extent has an online identity or digital presence. Try doing a Google search for yourself or your colleagues and see what yours is.  We can influence our digital presence by using certain social media tools. See our useful Social media guide at: Twitter  is useful for  current awareness…Continue Reading Developing an online identity with social media

100 websites: Capturing the digital universe

“Websites  don’t last forever. Formats change, whole sites disappear and, once lost,  digital content is irretrievable. But from  the 6 April 2013, this will change as the British Library, the National Library  of Scotland, the National Library of Wales, Bodleian Libraries, Cambridge  University Library and Trinity College Dublin, gain powers to archive the entire  UK …Continue Reading 100 websites: Capturing the digital universe

SUNCAT – Serials Union CATalogue for the UK research community

SUNCAT – Serials Union CATalogue for the UK research community We are delighted to welcome City University London as a new SUNCAT contributing library.  This addition brings the total number of contributing libraries to 90, plus the CONSER database, the ISSN register and the Directory of Open Access Journals. City University London is focused on…Continue Reading SUNCAT – Serials Union CATalogue for the UK research community

Europeana 1914-18 Crowdsourcing project The British Library is digitising 10,00o items (up to 250,00 digital images) of a wide range of material related to the First World War. Digitised content will be available through the Europeana portal as well as through the British Library website. This will form the Library’s contribution to the Europeana  Collections 1914-18. Roadshows have…Continue Reading Europeana 1914-18 Crowdsourcing project

UK Web archive from the British Library

UK Web Archive I recently attended a Digital Scholarship workshop at the British Library. One thing that was discussed was the challenges of preserving access to digital content such as websites which may be short term or disappear without being captured eg an election website. In an attempt to address this, since 2004,  thousands of…Continue Reading UK Web archive from the British Library

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs are  Massive Open Online Courses.  There  has been access to free online courses on the Internet for many  years but the quality and quantity of courses has changed. This has changed the face of education as students can now do free courses at prestigious universities. In The New York Times article Instruction for Masses Knocked…Continue Reading MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Social bookmarks

I’m collating some social bookmarks for researchers, these can be found in the Useful websites tab at the top of the blog home page and ones so far are below. See Diigo researcher blogs and website bookmarks at: Reference management bookmarks at: Social bookmarking bookmarks at: Open Educational Resources (OERs) Bibliometrics…Continue Reading Social bookmarks