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Read about open access

In support of International Open Access Week, and City’s upcoming events for ‘Good Practice in Research’ taking place next week, a range of books relating to open research can be found on Level 5 of City Library. These books cover topics such as general open access, copyright, and increasing the impact of your research. They…Continue Reading Read about open access

City University London Library: Everything under one ‘roof’

Some research tips: Explore the Library website Search for some articles on City Library Search Find book and journal titles on the Library Catalogue See our brand new Library Services: a guide for research Explore our subject guides¬†and our researcher and social media guides. Find some new databases and electronic journals Work smarter: do research¬†on…Continue Reading City University London Library: Everything under one ‘roof’

Enhance your research impact

Strategic publishing Choose a suitable journal Publishing in high quality, academic journals which are prestigious in your discipline and read by researchers in the field is still an established and important method of sharing your research. You may target different journals at different stages of your career. Use appropriate keywords Keywords tend to be used…Continue Reading Enhance your research impact