Jisc-funded #dataspring Project Seeks to Streamline Deposit

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Streamlining Deposit: An OJS to Repository Plugin” is the name of the Jisc-funded research and development collaboration between the Centre for Information Science and open access researcher-led publisher Ubiquity Press.  The project will develop a suite of plugins for the popular publishing Open Source project Open Journal Systems (OJS) to streamline article submission and depositing.

Ernesto Priego from City University London is leading this project. Andy Byers, Lead Developer at Ubiquity Press, is leading the development and coordinates integration. Stephann Makri from City University London will lead user-focused design and evaluation. Mark Hahnel from Figshare will provide support and advice.

The idea was pitched during a first phase that concluded with 70 ideas posted, 159 comments, 1005 votes and 603 users on the Ideascale platform used by Jisc. The idea as originally pitched  [here] during the first phase received 40 votes.

The project members participated in two “sandpit” workshops. During the second workshop in Birmingham about 40 idea authors and teams participated, with almost 120 people over the two days.  In that workshop 27 ideas were pitched and 17 were elected by a judging panel for further funding. The full list of ideas that received funding are available here.

Jisc is opening now a new campaign called Research Data Spring Tranche 1, including the 17 ideas that are in progress.

You can find a summary of our idea for Tranche 1 here. Please feel free to get involved, vote and comment.

We will use the category “Dataspring” on this blog to post updates on our project’s progress.


Byers, Andy; Priego, Ernesto; Makri, Stephann (2015): Streamlining Deposit: An OJS Plugin (Pitch). figshare. http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1319497 Retrieved 15:29, Apr 30, 2015 (GMT)

About Ernesto Priego

A lecturer at City, University of London. My research interests include digital humanities, library and information science, human computer interaction design, comics scholarship, scholarly communications, open access, open data and open educational resources.
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