#citylis Student Perspectives: Hannah Howrie on Life Beyond #citylis

Student Perspectives is our series of guest posts written by current #citylis students.

This post is by #citylis Library Science student Hannah Howrie, who will be working at the V&A Museum as an assistant librarian.


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#citylis student Hannah Howrie

As a current – soon to be alumni – student of the Library Science masters course at City University London (#citylis) I have often been asked why I am choosing to study such an ‘endangered’ subject. Why would I spend two years on a part-time course for a job that might not exist when I graduate? While I do accept that many libraries are facing heavy threats and many professionals have lost their jobs, I don’t agree that the role of librarian is a thing of the past.At City University London, I was able to receive a grounding in the information architectures that underpin so many library activities. Through practical sessions I got to try my hand at basic coding and was introduced to the world underneath the applications that we take for granting when inputting data in our library roles. I received seminars on digital library systems and received a broad overview to technologies in connection to libraries. Combined with this technology focus I was introduced to theories and framework which are the foundation to best practice within information services.

I am happy to say that I recently accepted a job working at the V&A museum as an assistant librarian and will be starting in this role soon. I firmly believe that #citylis was partly responsibility for equipping me with the right skills and knowledge to take on this role. We were encourages (from the start of the first term) to engage with twitter and to use the #ciylis hashtag to share relevant information. We also spent time considering the future of libraries in relation to new technologies and considered past predictions. This time and reflection can often be hard to find within a busy library service, as can a wider consideration to the academic field of library science.

I will be sad to leave #citylis but I am greatly looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt during my time at City University London.

Hannah is on Twitter @archivemyface.  The V&A is on Twitter @V_and_A.
Hannah’s post was originally published on Hannah’s blog on Monday 29 June 2015.

Student Perspectives is our series of guest posts written by current #citylis students. If you are a current #citylis student or alumni and would like to contribute a post, please contact Ernesto Priego at ernesto.priego.1@city.ac.uk

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