Video: The #citylis #oaweek Lecture 2015: Cameron Neylon

On Thursday 22 October 2015 Dr Cameron Neylon visited City University London, invited by the Centre for Information Science at City, to deliver a lecture titled ‘The limits of “open”: Why knowledge is not a public good and what to do about it’.

The lecture was hosted within the International Open Access Week 2015.

Dr Neylon published a version of his talk on his blog, here.

We were very pleased to have a diverse capacity audience comprised of members of the public, full time and part time students and alumni from City University London, University College London, Cambridge and other universities, as well as colleagues from institutions such as the British Library, SOAS Library and City University Library.

We live-streamed the talk via YouTube, and we were pleased to receive feedback that way and to be able to satisfy a demand for remote following. The video has now been archived and is available openly online on YouTube.

I would like to personally thank Cameron for his generosity and to all the members of the audience for having made this activity a complete success.

“Testing the Boundaries of Open Access”:

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A lecturer at City, University of London. My research interests include digital humanities, library and information science, human computer interaction design, comics scholarship, scholarly communications, open access, open data and open educational resources.
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