#citylis International Seminar: Online Spaces & the Alt-Academic: How to Build Your Own Scholarly Community

#citylis International Seminar
Online Spaces and the Alt-Academic:
How to Build Your Own Scholarly Community


Dr Brenna Clarke Gray
Dr Peter Wilkins
Douglas College, British Columbia, Canada

Tuesday 10 November 2015
Room C304 (Tait Building)
City University London
Registration is required.

More and more of those of us who study and plan for academic careers, especially in the humanities, will find ourselves on the alt-academic track, working in positions without the explicit expectation (or time allowed) for disciplinary research. Whether these are teaching-forward or research liaison positions, in the university or non-profit or private sector, these jobs distance us from the traditional disciplinary research supports of the tenure-track. But more PhDs in non-traditional positions has resulted in a commensurate rise with the desire to build communities of research and practice in accessible online spaces.

Drs. Peter Wilkins and Brenna Clarke Gray will talk about the value and importance of the online scholarly community in their research practice, reflecting on scholarly and popular blogging, open access journals, and Twitter’s hashtag communities as spaces to network and find support.


Dr Brenna Clarke Gray

Dr Brenna Clarke Gray

Brenna Clarke Gray holds a PhD in Canadian Literature and teaches at Douglas College, where she also serves as Associate of Arts Coordinator. Recent publications include work on Scott Pilgrim, Alpha Flight, and the history of Canadian comic books.


Twitter: @brennacgray

Dr Peter Wilkins

Dr Peter Wilkins

Peter Wilkins holds a PhD in American Literature and Critical Theory. He is the faculty research liaison for the Training Group at Douglas College on secondment from the English department where he has taught since 1996. Recent publications include essays on Scott Pilgrim and graphic adaptations of Moby-Dick. He is a founding editor of Graphixia, A Conversation about Comics, and a deputy editor of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship.

Twitter: @wilkinspeter

Event open to the public. Registration is required.

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