#citylis Guest Views: CILIP Student Representative

This guest post was written by Karen Ajai-Ajagbe, the new CILIP student representative. Here, Karen introduces herself, gives some impressions of our recent #citylis open evening, and states her goal of forging closer links between CILIP and LIS students.

CILIP is the national, professional body for Library and Information Professionals.

Karen Ajai-AjagbeIntroductions

Greetings, All #citylis staff and students! Remember me? Karen Ajai-Ajagbe, the newly-appointed student representative for CILIP, London, who had the honour of attending your Open Evening last Wednesday?

Well that’s me! I come in peace and goodwill and in this new role, I feel my chief duties would be to develop the ways we, CILIP engage with you, maximise the quantity and quality of our student membership and generally strive to be more aware of real needs and wants of LIS students.

I write here as a guest, courtesy of Lyn Robinson who was kind enough to offer me this opportunity to write my first blog post, and use this platform to further engage with LIS students. I am deeply appreciative for this and as I am no digital native, I ask that you please forgive any faux pas!

I thank Lyn for being very friendly and welcoming and offering me an open invite to visit City and work with everyone to make things happen…and I intend to take her up on this! I also thank the students and staff for engaging with me on the #citylis Open Evening , including student reps Tom and Amy who agreed to stay in touch so I can arrange an official meeting with the LIS students regarding student membership at CILIP.

Sharing ideas

I met Lyn last week Monday February 15 to introduce myself in person and to share with her new ideas by which CILIP would like to engage with students and increase the value of their membership. She really liked my ideas and we both agreed that meeting the students to get things started was needed ASAP. In this capacity, I was invited to the Open Evening on February 17 for the opportunity to informally meet and mingle with staff and students. As I await for CILIP resources to come through, a formal address would have been out of the question, but I was only too happy to attend and meet everyone informally.

For me, the Open Evening was interesting and welcoming, and it would be fantastic to encourage more people interested in LIS to attend the next one (June 8th 2016). LIS is a broad and interesting subject, with lots of employment opportunities for masters graduates, and CILIP and #citylis can work in harmony to promote the academic course and profession alike. We need to work on attracting great students to this profession and to ensure they have a smooth transition to the professional world. We also need to work on developing our communities of practice (CoP).

As we live in a digital and inclusive society, it is imperative that we not only grow but evolve accordingly. Social networking is only one of the many ways in which we can do this and I sincerely hope that this blog signifies CILIP’s (London) first steps to rebrand, redesign, and reengage.

Here and Now

So students, this is where we are now. Although I come in peace and goodwill, I do welcome a little challenge also. Don’t take my word for it what I think my duties in this role should be – you tell me. We cannot proceed in our mission without talking directly to you and hearing what you need and want. You have the opportunity to establish your presence, promote your voice and generally be more proactive in your contribution and development of CILIP.

I look forward to hearing from you all…

For further details on membership please contact: membership@cilip.org.uk.

Or contact me directly at: studentrepciliplondon@gmail.com

The next #citylis open evening will be on June 8th 2016 from 5.30pm. Check our main University web pages for forthcoming details.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, please contact our Editor, James Atkinson [James.Atkinson.2@city.ac.uk].

About lyn

Dr Lyn Robinson is Reader in Library & Information Science, and Head of Department at City, University of London. She established and directs the Library School, and co-directs the Centre for Information Science alongside Prof David Bawden. Contact: lyn@city.ac.uk
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