CityLIS Student Perspectives: End of 2nd Term!!! My thoughts as an international student @ CityLIS by Shohana Nowrin

Student Perspectives is our series of guest posts written by current CityLIS students.

This post is by current #citylis student, Shohana Nowrin and reflects on the end of the second term at CityLIS.


It was the day of 26th September 2016 when I joined to the City, University of London and became a member of CityLIS. I would like to say that it was the most memorable and lovely day of my life. Before joining to the CityLIS I was really scared and worried about new environment, new educational system and many more other thoughts were circled in my mind (although I visited London 3 more times before joining CityLIS ?). But I can still remember that smiley face of Dr Lyn Robinson on that day when she cordially welcomed us at the induction day. On that day, I met with all the lovely people of CityLIS specially Dr Lyn Robinson, Dr David Bawden, Ludi Price (Phd student of CityLIS), and all of our fellow nice classmates and returned home with a smiling face.

Time flies. It is almost end of the 2nd term. I can’t believe that we are going to finish this journey very soon. I learned a lot from this last six months during when I visited so many libraries and places (British Library, The National Archives, Linklaters, Internet Archives, Wellcome Collections and so on); attended a lots of seminar, workshop, lectures organized by CityLIS; met with our lovely guest lecturers from different institutions and organizations and many more. It was really a great opportunity for us which we got from CityLIS. One important thing I would like to mention here that all my worriedness and anxiousness that were going through in my mind before joining here are gone away like a magic. I did not face any problems to adapt this new educational system. And this was happened only because of this lovely and friendly environment of CityLIS. When I feel any queries about anything, surprisingly, I observed it was posted in our Moodle forum by our Course leaders before even asking about that. I don’t know how they do this :)?.!!! It is really amazing. Not only that, I also received the reply of my queries made through email very promptly. The only painful job is to do our Coursework within a deadline ? ? …….


Photo credit: Dr. Lyn Robinson

Although we are going to finish this lovely journey (which I don’t want to do so ☹☹) but I believe that we will not forget each other and we will keep in touch always. Love you all. Love you #CityLIS.


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This post is was originally published on the author’s blog, Limit exists only in the mind,  on 1st February 2017.

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