CityLIS 17/18 Cohort Blogs

Everyone enrolled on a CityLIS master’s degree is required to have a blog, suitable for personal reflective, and professional level, written/visual communication. Whilst communication skills have always been desirable for the workplace, in today’s digital society they are essential, and it is often necessary to promote ideas and viewpoints beyond the professional environment, into the wider community. Clear and effective communication is a fundamental life skill for the 21st century, and one which we feel should be an intergral part of all LIS courses.

At CityLIS we use reflective blogging as formative assessment in one of our modules, [Data, Information, Technologies and Applications], wherein three, 500 word submissions are required throughout the 10 sessions. These are unassessed, but allow staff and students to check learning progress, understanding of course content, and its wider relevance. CityLIS writers learn from reading and commenting on peer posts, and the exercise is generally enjoyable.

Students are encouraged to write more than the three required, formative assessment posts, and we are pleased with the standard of writing, the inspired approaches, and innovative insight that the writing reveals in respect of modern library & information science theory and practice.

If you would like to take a look, here is a list of our 17/18 new cohort bloggers.

List of CityLIS 17/18 bloggers

Sayeeda Ahmed

Falilat Olu Alabi

Kalliopi Anyfantaki

Alexander Bell

Blayne Bellot

James Calvert

Sofia Ceolato

Dana Christensen

Lauren Cummings

Anna Gialdini

Christine Goodson

Hanna James

Petra Killoran

Emma Manktelow

Mariola Marsh

Rachel Mcglinchey

Katja Meden

Olivia Nesbitt

Ed Newton

Petar Nikolov

Camilla Paffey

Ilias Paraskevopoulos

Julia Pass

Matt Peck

Laurel Plapp

Laura Potter

Matthew Rudd

James Ryan

Bethany Sherwood

Daniel Shindler

Timothy Spring

Colette Townend

Kit Tsui

John Warburton


If you would like to join CityLIS for 18/19 come to our next open evening on 15th November.

About lyn

Dr Lyn Robinson is Reader in Library & Information Science, and Head of Department at City, University of London. She established and directs the Library School, and co-directs the Centre for Information Science alongside Prof David Bawden. Contact:
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