Screening: ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’ Jeremy Deller’s and Nicholas Abrahams’ 2007 documentary on Depeche Mode fans.

CityLIS are delighted to be able to show ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’ 2007 on January 27th 2020, ELG02, 18.00-19.30. The screening will be followed by a panel led by current CityLIS student Melissa Ramos, who will be joined by director Nicholas Abrahams.

The screening is part of the CityLIS After Hours seminar series, and is open to all. This film will be of particular interested to those interested in links between LIS, fandom, fan studies and popular music.

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Sometimes things get lost because it’s easier that way. Like Jeremy Deller’s and Nicholas Abrahams’ 2007 documentary on Depeche Mode fans called Our Hobby is Depeche Mode (aka The Posters Came from the Walls). No one’s quite sure what happened there. Maybe it was accidentally filed under “F” for forgotten? Or perhaps carelessly pushed to the back of the archive where no-one would ever think to look except for maybe a very keen researcher hoping to find that one rare masterpiece for a festival schedule?

Who knows?

Whatever happened, happened. But very few people have seen Deller’s and Abrahams’ documentary, which to be frank is a goddamn shame.

‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’ is one of the best films ever made about music. It’s a staggering good documentary that has the audacity to speak to the fans and only the fans. Are you aware that Depeche Mode fans comprise one of the most ardent and hardcore fanbases of any group in the entire world history of popular music? Oh yes they do. Maybe not so much in their homeland England, but in many countries, Depeche Mode are viewed as actual heroes.

Jeremy Deller is a Turner Prize-winning artist and filmmaker. Nicholas Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker, artist and promo director. Their film Our Hobby is Depeche Mode documents the stories of Depeche Mode fans like Mark who was homeless when he found his love for the band. He slept rough under Hammersmith Bridge. His greatest fear was not finding food or comfort or money but would the batteries in his Walkman last so he had their music as company. Or, Masha, a girl in Russia who spends her time drawing intricate comic strips of her imaginary life with Depeche Mode. Or, Orlando who lights a candle every day at his shrine to the band. Or, the thousands of youngsters who gather every year in Moscow on Dave Gahan’s birthday to celebrate “Dave Day.”’

Nick Abrahams is a filmmaker who has collaborated with many musicians, including Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros on several occasions, notably with his short film ’Ekki Mukk’, winner of the British Council Best UK Short Film. Shirley Collins has been his latest muse, leading to the ‘Death and the Lady’ clips and creating the stage visuals for her ‘Lodestar’ tour. He has collaborated with Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller on a variety of projects including  ‘The Bruce Lacey Experience’ and ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’, both feature length films, which have been exhibited extensively around the world. Over the years he has made pop videos for bands as diverse as Huggy Bear, Stereolab, Cornershop, Leftfield, the Manic Street Preachers and Add (n) to X. He sometimes exhibits artworks in galleries. He is currently living in Glasgow, trying to write his first feature film. He is doing this very, very slowly.

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Instagram: @abrahams_nick

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