Livable City?

This month sees City host this year’s Livable Cities conference, run in association with AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society), an organisation that brings together academics, publishers, non-profits and universities. Addressing issues affecting life in cities, the conference will explore the complexities of modern urban living. It addresses the interconnectedness of globalisation, gentrification, pandemics, sustainability, and more. The conference is focused on seeing ‘the city’ not just as a physical space but as a construct shaped by various forces, including architecture, politics, sociology, culture, economics, and media.

Key themes will include:

  • Design & Planning
  • Resilience & Sustainability
  • Urban Development & City Economies
  • Technology, Media & Smart Cities
  • Social Justice & the Right to the City
  • Cultural Cities & the Arts
  • Healthy Cities & Public Wellbeing
  • Infrastructure & Transport

By integrating diverse fields, the conference aims to create a comprehensive understanding of what makes cities livable.

The conference will take place from June 26-28, 2024 and we are expecting over 100 delegates to attend.

For more information and to book a place, visit AMPS webpage HERE.

Writing for Social Impact tutor, Ciaran Thapar

There is also a special free Writing for Social Impact taster being offered by City in connection with the conference. It will be run writer and youth worker Ciaran Thapar, who also teaches our one-day Writing for Social Impact short course. For more information on how to enrol for this taster, please email

With huge thanks to the Research and Enterprise team for their support and to Robert Lastman who has tirelessly coordinated City’s part in the conference and who is also helping to head up the short course team, alongside studying for his Phd at Kingston University. If you want something done, ask a busy person…!