Linda’s Story – Starting education again with two children and a husband 

Starting education again with two children and a husband 

I had my second son in 2012 and decided that I would not return to my practice manager role at a private hearing aid dispenser in London. Being a full-time stay at home mum was amazing but I decided this was my opportunity to retrain in something more fulfilling. Having worked within an Audiology department and very closely with the Speech and Language therapist I decided that Speech and Language Therapy was the route I would like to aim for. Unfortunately, I hit quite a snag, I only had a D in my maths GCSE and I had not gone on to A-Levels after school, these were both requirements to even be considered into university. I spoke to a careers advisor and he said I would need to retake my maths GCSE and that I would need to take A-Levels or an equivalent course. Wow! I was starting way back at GCSE level, I had left school 17 years ago, could I start again? And this time I had two small children and a husband. Fast forward and I now had a B in my maths GCSE, six months volunteering in a Speech and Language Therapy department and I had my diploma in Health and Human Sciences with more than the required distinctions to get on the to the Speech and Language Therapy course at City University. This was the only course in London and as I had two children and a husband this was my only option; a lot was riding on my application and my interviews.  


Thankfully all the hard work starting way back in September 2015 paid off and I was accepted onto the Speech and Language Therapy undergraduate course. I was so happy, but the hard work did not stop there. Luckily, I have a supportive husband and mum, but it certainly was not easy with two children and being on a full-time course. I have learned to organise my time as best as possible and not be so hard on myself if one day I spend more time studying or take time out to play with my kids even when I have a deadline coming. I have to be extremely organised and spread my time as best as possible but as I write this story, I am about to enter my third year having passed everything so far. I may not have got the most amazing grades, but I have worked hard and I have passed and my children and husband are still loved and looked after. 


Having started my journey so many years ago where it seemed almost impossible, my goal is almost a reality and as I enter my final year of university I know there will be more challenges ahead but I have come so far from having insufficient GCSE’s and no A-Levels to almost being a Speech and Language Therapist! 






Linda Cone

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