Get Involved


This resource is continually evolving, and we would love to add your story. Please see the invitation video above, which gives you more information about what is required.

We welcome stories from students, alumni, staff and external partners of the School of Health Sciences, at City, University of London.  However, we are inclusive, so are happy to consider any stories we receive.

You could think about a difficult problem that you’ve faced, or a challenge you’ve overcome – anything you feel comfortable sharing and you feel could help others is perfect!

In general we welcome three different ways of presenting your story:

1. You can make a digital story, like the one used in How clearing changed my life, by writing a script for your story, finding copyright free pictures (from a site like, adding these pictures to a slideshow (in an application like PowerPoint), and then recording your story over the slides (you can find some instructions here).  We’d suggest digital stories are about 2 minutes long.

2. You can make a video of yourself, using your mobile phone, tablet, or a webcam on a computer.  Again we’d recommend that the story is about two minutes long, and that you do a quick test of your audio and video equipment first, to make sure you can be seen and heard.

3. You can send us a text based story, which we will turn into a blog post like the one used for No matter how far you travel it can all fit together.  Please make sure that the images are photos you’ve taken yourself, or are copyright free.

You can choose to be anonymous, or include either your first or full name (but of course can’t be completely anonymous if you’ve chosen to record your voice or your face) – it’s completely your choice.

You can tell your story in any way you’d like, but, if you’d like some help or inspiration, you could look at the video (7 mins) here about how to tell a good story, or browse this TED playlist about storytelling.

You can email us your story, or a link to it, and we’ll get back to you with a form to sign before we add anything to this resource. Or, if you’re a current student or staff member you can request access to this blog resource in order to upload everything yourself.  To send us your story, request blog access, or if you have any questions, please email Rachael-Anne ( or Julie (

Thank you in advance – we really appreciate your support.