Welcome to our project blog. We have set this up to share information and news about our research study exploring collaborative care planning.  We are aiming to identify the components that are most important to ensure that care planning and coordination for people with severe mental illness is:

  • Recovery-focused
  • Personalised
  • Collaborative

We hope that you join us on our journey through this research and we welcome comments and discussion. You can find out more about us (the research team) on Meet the Team page and about the project on the About the project page.

We will be providing regular updates about our study as it evolves and we hope that you find the research interesting.

Best wishes,

Alan Simpson

Chief Investigator

One thought on “Welcome

  1. •Recovery-focused

    It’s my own personal experience that MH services are definitely none of the above. And I’d be far more comfortable in the acceptance that my own difficult circumstances and tolerance – straining predisposition didn’t help matters with your project partner in Wales. But the facts, backed by data, around my experience, demonstrates an organisational unwillingness or an inability to engage on a personal level and to explore paths towards resolution of issues, amelioration, and recovery. The resources were simply not there. At the same time, their website and public face was declaring their expertise.
    How to deal with that kind of disconnect? Very probably with upping the anti with damaging power relationship, invalidation, and patronisation.

    The MH ‘product’ and service will never be transformed with a one-cap-fits-all mentality. There’s nothing more personal than mental distress and social, cultural, and economic estrangement. And I really can’t see how you could possibly begin to understand that until you’ve experienced every facet of that reduced existence.

    If this were a commercial product /service issue and not a human issue, there’d be bloody hell to play!

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