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Interested in participating in the CommuniCATE Aphasia Clinic?

We can accept referrals from Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals.  We can also accept self-referrals from people with aphasia who fulfil our criteria.

People who fulfil these criteria can be considered for CommuniCATE:

  • People with aphasia
  • Stroke over 4 months ago
  • Have problems with reading and/or writing since their stroke
  • Are interested in learning to use technology to help with reading or writing
  • Spoke English fluently before their stroke
  • Can travel to City University London regularly for sessions
  • Are willing to work with Speech & Language Therapy students under supervision of a qualified therapist.

Following receipt of a referral, we may contact you for further information.  If the referral is accepted, we will invite the individual to attend an initial assessment.   This will help us to determine whether our therapies are likely to be helpful to that person.

Please note that we usually have a waiting list.

General enquiries:

Please contact us to discuss a referral.