Book Review: “Creative Confidence; unleashing the creative potential within all of us”

Kelley, D., 1951 and Kelley, T., (2013) Creative confidence: unleashing the creative potential within us all. London: William Collins. I have two appraisal objectives that are centred around improving services to different groups of users, and I’ve been struggling to come up with ideas. I support a course called MICL, the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership. Their … Continue reading Book Review: “Creative Confidence; unleashing the creative potential within all of us”

Now In A Minute

I recently attended the CPD25 event, CPD and learning technology: skills for librarians to support information and digital literacy.  I was interested in how the role of the librarian intersects with learning technologies and in getting new ideas for how learning technologies could be applied to delivering information literacy teaching. The speakers, Elizabeth Charles and … Continue reading Now In A Minute

Enabling learning through storytelling

Reblogged from: I recently attended a lunchtime workshop run by the City Academy on narratives and  storytelling based on a performance arts approach. I’m interested in both using the telling of stories or experiences to explain concepts but also in hearing the narratives of students. The basic idea of this is that the use … Continue reading Enabling learning through storytelling

Focus groups with CityLIS students

LibGuides is an easy to use content management system which is used by City, University of London Library Services and  libraries across the world to create small websites which are called ‘guides’.  LibGuides is owned by a company called Springshare and is part of a suite of products called LibApps, this includes LibCal (used to … Continue reading Focus groups with CityLIS students

Library Services Journal Club – 17th April 2018

This month’s paper, selected by Catie Tuttle, was ‘Getting the truth out: the role of libraries in the fight against fake news’ by Oliver Batchelor. Written months after the 2016 US election, the article argues that library staff have a ‘civic obligation’ to promote critical thinking skills and that the current climate presents an opportunity … Continue reading Library Services Journal Club – 17th April 2018

The Launch of the Library Journal Club

On Valentine’s Day this year staff expressed their love of learning by attending the Library Journal Club, a new monthly group founded by Arts Subject Librarian Alex Asman. The aim of the club is to read and discuss peer reviewed articles from the library and information science field, with a view to introducing new ideas … Continue reading The Launch of the Library Journal Club

The Final Flurry

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma are wreaking havoc with the UK: it’s freezing, snowing, blowing a gale; and I have started the final two modules of my MA in Linfoservagement.  Final. Two. Modules. (Apart from the ‘D’ word that is, let’s not go there…). In your face Weather. Despite the Autumn semester … Continue reading The Final Flurry