Email and RSS: subscribe to the blog

Everyone loves a good blog, but constantly having to go back and check for updates is a bit of a bore.  Luckily there’s a couple of ways that you can have the blog content pushed out to you without you having to remember to come back here and look at the time.


The first is extremely easy: just subscribe to us with your email address.  There’s a Subscribe-By-Email box on the menu on the right of your screen – just type your email address in, then follow the link in the confirmation email you’ll be sent to set up your subscription.  You’ll get an email with a link when a new post is available.

RSS feeds

The second way is also easy, and a really great way to keep up with all sorts of sites on the internet, not just this one.  You can use a technology called RSS* to get alerts every time a new post is put up or information changes on lots of your favorite websites.  There’s lots of information about it on the Keeping Up To Date section of Upgrade, or watch this great video explaining all about it  Use the RSS button in your browser or click on ‘Subscribe by RSS’ in the menu on the right to get started.



*What is RSS, I hear you ask?  The BBC have a great guide to how it works and how it can help you stay current as well.

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