Making Games for Libraries

Overview of the day

On arrival we were met with a free sample of Andrew’s game ‘SEEK’ and the usual refreshments were on hand to help us get settled in.

There were various games set out on the tables for us to play with (icebreakers for getting to know the other participants whilst we waited for everyone to arrive).

Andrew gave a brief welcome talk and an overview of how he was hoping the day would pan out, we were then asked individually to introduce ourselves and say what type of game we would be interested in developing as this would determine the groups that we would be in.

seuss puzzleThere was a table with various items on that could be used in game play which we could use to inspire us. Dice, counters, blank jigs and tracks I chose quite a lot of stuff and took it back to our table.

We started out as a team of 7 interested in board games we then split into two groups as I and Barbara from IOE were both drawn toward the blank jigsaw. Once we had decided that it could be used for referencing the game evolved very quickly.

After lunch we did the show and tell with Andrew filming us.

All in all it was a thoroughly good day.


Making Games for Libraries: the details

Monday 10th December 2012 at Leeds Met

Event facilitator

Andrew Walsh – Academic Librarian at the University of Huddersfield.


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