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I have been asked (by Samantha Halford) to blog about a recent training I attended which covered Audio-Visual resources and material that we have at City University. As this is my first blog  on this site I will keep this short (and sweet).

The training was provided by Alex Asman  and the following information is based on her notes from the training session.

The Audio-Visual resources that we currently have access to through the Catalogue are:

  • BFI InView – Provides access to 2,000 non-fiction films and TV titles from the 20th and early 21st century. This includes news reels, government information films, documentaries and parliamentary recordings
  • Digital Theatre Plus – Feature films of leading theatre productions, including musicals and opera
  • Jisc Media Hub – Contains films (3,600 hours), images (55,000) and classical music (50 hours) which have all been copyright-cleared
  • BOB (Box of Broadcasts) – BOB allows you to record from over 60 TV and radio channels which are then kept indefinitely. These can be saved as playlists, embedded into VLEs or edited into clips

Alexander Street Press provides access to a variety of e-resources including:

  • Music Online – Gives access to videos (Dance and Classical music) and over 6 million tracks
  • Ethnographic Video Online – Gives access to 1,200 hours of documentaries, primary-source footage and films for the visual study of human culture and behaviour

All of the above resources can be used in a variety of ways, such as to enhance training material for staff or students, to use as reference for research, or simply for your enjoyment. The training provided by Alex is both informative and great fun and I would encourage staff to attend if they have not done so already.

Oskar Orlygsson


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