Poll everywhere

Steve McComb from LEaD showed us how easy Poll Everywhere is to use. You need to log a call via Service Now to set up your account but once that is done you can create our own poll. Participants in your sessions can respond either via a web link of text on their ‘phones. Questions can be simple multiple choice, open ended or clickable image. So much more flexible than the clicker system many of the subject librarians had been using. There is the potential to use Poll Everywhere for live feedback, which makes it so much easier to ensure that you’ve met the student needs and expectations during teaching time not when reviewing the session afterwards. I will certainly be using ‘open ended’ polling in my research methods workshops to elicit and discuss keywords. Citing and referencing could become more engaging using clickable images as well as multiple choice polling. In addition, I’m looking forward to encouraging students to use their own mobiles and devices to participate in a Library workshop, instead of spending time distributing and collecting gadgets.



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