What place does digital inclusion have in digital literacy ?


Tinder2I presented recently at a free event organised by the Information Literacy Group and the Tinder Foundation for public and academic library staff at the University of Liverpool in London. (I was quite pleased the receptionist thought I was a student).

Jane Secker from LSE led the event and mentioned the Journal of Information Literacy which includes research, project articles and conference reports etc. The information Literacy Group decided to collaborate with the Tinder Foundation as they both offer training and seminars and events.


We had speakers from the HE sector and a Teach Meet style format of different tables discussing various topics such as social media, digital inclusion.

The LSE SADL project aims to embed digital, academic and information literacy support into the curriculum to meet the needs of LSE undergraduate students. Workshops are offered by library staff and student ambassadors and include evaluating information, employability, games and exercises, apps for study. There are online badges and recognition of achievements. Students can bring their own devices to the workshops.

University of Westminster have used the augmented reality software Aurasma for making short videos which can be used for induction or instructions on how to use self service etc. Videos can be made on an iPad for example and students can watch videos by pointing a scanner on a mobile phone or iPad at an image.

Emma Delaney from UWE spoke about online tutorial work books for different subjects on finding information, Library Search, databases, journals, referencing etc for example for Environmental Health. There also study skills pages on topics such as group work, revision, time management etc.

I met a colleague from The Hive, Worcester which is both a public and university library which is a joint venture between University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council and seems to be working very well in terms of events, exhibitions and services.

You can see some of the presentations on Slideshare.crisps

I really enjoyed the event, it was interesting and great to meet public library colleagues and there was a lot of energy in the room and I loved having my own packet of good quality crisps at lunchtime.

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