Month: August 2018

Shadowing of a Subject Librarian

On Thursday, 2nd August from 9:30am to 12:30, I shadowed Chris. Chris split the shadowing into three parts – one hour for general Q and A, where I asked him questions that I had prepared, one hour to look at his timetable and tasks, and one hour sitting in a meeting that he was part…Continue Reading Shadowing of a Subject Librarian

Mastering Social Sciences event

I was pleased to be invited to present at and attend the above event at Aston University. Last week,  I  managed to become excited about my quite esotheric topic Grey literature. The presentations included: Intergovernmental organisations,  statistics, parliamentary publications (from the British Library), grey literature, Research data management (the Bodleian), free maths and stats resources,…Continue Reading Mastering Social Sciences event

Visit to the Wiener Library, 9th August

On Thursday 9th August, Jonathan, Claire and Catie visited the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide in Russell Square. The library provides an incredibly important and invaluable source of primary historical documents as well as an actively functioning library for research.  Catie  Head of Collections, Greg Toth, estimated that the Wiener Library has: …Continue Reading Visit to the Wiener Library, 9th August

Visit to the Stuart Hall Library, 31st July 2018

A visit organised by Cpd25 gave me the opportunity to discover the Stuart Hall Library, currently located in the heart of the vibrant district of Shoreditch. This is a seemingly appropriate location for the Library of the institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva), Shoreditch being a hub for creative street art. But it is due…Continue Reading Visit to the Stuart Hall Library, 31st July 2018