Discover more about the Women on Boards initiative at City

As you may know, City is a corporate member of Women on Boards, an initiative designed to give women the information and connections they need to take up board or committee level positions as non-executive directors, trustees or governors. City’s membership allows staff members at City the opportunity to sign up for the Women on Boards website, online resources and training events.

There have been two Women on Boards events at City so far (a launch event and an ‘On track for success’ workshop). However it’s not too late for staff members to find out more, and to sign up for the latest workshop taking place on 29 January (details at the end of this post).

In addition, to support the Women on Boards initiative at City, we have ordered in some new books for our library collections, to help anyone who is interested in taking on a board or charity position. These books are:

Other useful resources recommended by the Women on Boards team are:

To learn more about the career benefits of taking on a board role, and what this entails, you can sign up for the next Women on Boards event at City, entitled ‘Getting started: realising your Board potential’. This is a half day workshop, taking place at City on 29 January, and it is open to staff members who are interested in applying for a first non-executive director role or adding another to their portfolio.

I attended the launch of Women on Boards at City back in June, and I found it a very positive event, which really made me aware of how taking on a board level role can enhance your career strategy, and how we can put our transferable skills to use in order to help charities and other organisations across a wide variety of sectors.

Thanks to City’s corporate membership, it’s free for us to sign up to the Women on Boards website, and it’s full of useful resources for you to explore, such as how to write a board ready CV and tips on how to approach getting a first non-executive directorship.

To find out more and to join up, please see the Women on Boards website.

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