SWDG Snacks- Feb 2023

This is our regular roundup of “snacks” that you can take a bite of when you need some inspiration, either for your well-being, development or to improve your digital skills.  Please let us know if you have something you want to share, either well-being, work or home-related. 

Digital Skills

LinkedIn Learning  offers many videos on digital skills for your personal and professional development, productivity and wellbeing.  You can log in to LinkedIn Learning with your City email address and password and you can also link it to a LinkedIn account if you have one,  for more personalisation.

Pick up some bitesize tips on using MS Teams  or enhance your productivity through effective notetaking skills


Personal and Professional Development   

Organisational Development offers training and development opportunities, you can discuss your development goals with your manager in your 1-2-1 meetings and maybe link these to your objectives and appraisal.

See this LinkedIn Learning video on team working. Everyone has different strengths and plays a different role in and contributes to a team for example with delegation, ideas, implementation and completion.



City Sport offers fitness and well-being classes such as yoga.

Consider a small random act of kindness in the workplace which might just make a difference to someone’s day.

Spring has sprung, take a lunchtime walk around the square or Regent’s Canal basin.            

Photograph of daffodils in Northampton Square

Daffodils, tree and buildings in Northampton Square








Regent’s canal basin with reflections of buildings 

Regent's Canal basin with  reflections of buildings 








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