March ’23 SDWG Snacks

This is our regular roundup of “snacks” that you can take a bite of when you need some inspiration, either for your well-being, development or to improve your digital skills.  Please let us know if you have something you want to share, either well-being, work or home-related.


          • This is a 30 day breath workshop via Youtube.  A simple yet powerful practice for opening the energetic body, stimulating the nervous system and warming up the heart, lungs and the entire body.
          • We are seeing signs of spring all around us, and gardens and nature can help us to connect, be active, take notice, learn, and give.  Have a look at for some inspiration!

Personal and Professional Development

Brené Brown is well known for her research on courage and vulnerability – here’s a great short video by her about empathy; one of a series of award-winning animated short videos from the RSA.  Subjects covered include blame (by Brené), brainstorming, climate change and whether big tech has betrayed us.

Digital Skills

Our first training session was on Lexis+ and Urdang resources.  If you missed it, you can watch it here and all presentations are on the shared drive, under SDWG Library Staff Training – Online Resources.

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