SDWG Snacks – May 2023

This is our regular roundup of “snacks” that you can take a bite of when you need some inspiration, either for your well-being, development or to improve your digital skills.  Please let us know if you have something you want to share, either well-being, work or home-related.


Rewire Your Mind – free Zoom webinar – 24th May 19.00-20.00

Dr Shauna Shapiro will share the science behind unhelpful thinking and use powerful practices for living a happy, meaningful life. She will explain how a combination of mindfulness and self-compassion can help you change your brain’s circuitry, transform your life and find a more enduring happiness. If you  would like to join this online webinar, you can register via this link.

Read about the mindfulness community at City.

Take a lunchtime walk and discover some of the history of Clerkenwell. 

Watch some newly added world cinema on Kanopy or read some of the e-books and audiobooks from the #libraryeurovision collection on Overdrive

Personal and Professional Development

Library Services Journal club

 The journal club is a professional development opportunity for library staff to meet and discuss an article and see if we can apply it to professional practice.  The article chosen for May 2023 was about the generative AI tool ChatGPT.

Cotton, D., Cotton, P.A. and Shipway, J.R. (2023) ‘Chatting and cheating: ensuring academic integrity in the era of ChatGPT’, Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Who wrote the article and what are the main themes?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT in higher education?
  • Some strategies for using it in teaching and assessment?
  • Have you used ChatGPT and in which context?  What would you like to use it for?

We discussed that it might be useful as a starting point for generating ideas for example for a project or for planning but the content produced can be formulaic and generic and is no substitute for critical thinking and conducting original research.  Join in the debate on the Journal club Teams channel


Digital Skills

LinkedIn Learning contains many videos to enhance digital skills.

Introduction to MS Teams.

See the Business Information systems training calendar.

Register for courses via Service Now.

Watch a video on tools and systems to enhance your productivity.

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