A day in the life of – City Staff Development

On the 7th September I attended my first Staff Development day. It was encouraging to see the many helpful and thought-provoking sessions  available. Each activity struck the perfect balance of information and interactive.  The facilitators used well structured approaches, and tips given felt directly relevant, with a few `AHA` moments. I look forward to putting some of the techniques given into practice.

Among the many activities were Waterclour World, Creativity is contagious, Breath Reset, Sleep Master, Playing at Work and AI as Creative Assistant. Some activities were filled with clapping, chanting, and breathing exercises, some brought us back to our four-year-old selves with childlike playfulness and, then there were those that saw us dance off against oldies such as I’m to sexy, Right Said Fred and many others where we were able to detach and learn about the benefits of relaxation and a good night’s rest.

Sleep Master


Do meditate or cuddle your pet, but DON’T talk to family or friends and definitely NO scrolling through social media.





Creativity is contagious. Pass it on:

Creativity is not just for artist, it’s for me. I make, I do, I solve, I turn up. I see you, I hear you, I am you.


Playing at Work? Seriously?



Have regular hours for BOTH work and play; make each day EXCITING and full of LAUGHTER and life should become ENJOYABLE, in spite of the many CHALLENGES.










Enjoy the little things in life – lunch was free noodles.







Breath Reset

Breathing in, breathing out, I think I am breathing, but is this the right way. Drift away like fluffy clouds, now bring your awareness back, it’s time to go.


Watercolour Worlds




Inspired by the different coloured paints and fluffy brushes, which was reflected in my painting of tiny dots and unnoticed objects.






AI as creative assistant





AI doesn’t look at art and create its own, no, it looks at mine and yours and merge it into something new. Can you tell the difference?







End the day with new friends, good food and a BEER!

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