Month: November 2023

SDWG snacks – Nov 2023

Wellbeing Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Managing Challenging Conversation – workshop Managing challenging conversations This upcoming event is a one-day workshop for all staff with student-facing roles. The workshops will take place in the new year, and you will need to book a place in advance. This session will build the skills, knowledge, and…Continue Reading SDWG snacks – Nov 2023

SDWG snacks – Oct 2023

This is our regular roundup of “snacks” that you can take a bite of when you need some inspiration, either for your well-being, development or to improve your digital skills.  Please let us know if you have something you want to share, either well-being, work or home-related. Wellbeing Have you seen the new wellbeing@city hub?…Continue Reading SDWG snacks – Oct 2023