SDWG snacks – Nov 2023


Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Managing Challenging Conversation – workshop

Managing challenging conversations

This upcoming event is a one-day workshop for all staff with student-facing roles. The workshops will take place in the new year, and you will need to book a place in advance. This session will build the skills, knowledge, and confidence around mental health discussions.  You will be learning to recognise changes in the mental health of students and build an awareness of spotting changes in our personal wellbeing.  The session will help you to navigate difficult conversations while considering issues of mental health and wellbeing.

Managing your anxiety while presenting – video

Tips on managing your anxiety while presenting

Most people experience some degree of anxiety about speaking whether presenting, pitching, delivering or contributing in a meeting. This video covers topics on anxiety symptoms and how to manage them, confident in speaking and more.

City winter festival

Join the City Winter festival 5 December 2023.


Personal and Professional Development

Presentation basics – video

Tips on how to prepare yourself with basics in presentations

Do you need a refresher on the basic skills for presentation? This video may help you.

It outlines the basic elements of delivering a great presentation and staying on the message. It guides you to be well prepared including tips on creating handouts/slides, how to recover from occasional mistake and more.

See the Skills section of the Professional Development webpages for other courses.


Digital Skills

Roles in a Teams Meeting – webpage

Teams meeting -understanding different roles

You may already know that there are 3 roles in a Teams meeting: presenter, co-organiser and attendee. If you are interested to learn more about each role, this webpage explains about them in more details.

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