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Subject Librarian at City, University of London specialising in tea, biscuits and terribly cheesy puns.

The Final Flurry

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma are wreaking havoc with the UK: it’s freezing, snowing, blowing a gale; and I have started the final two modules of my MA in Linfoservagement.  Final. Two. Modules. (Apart from the ‘D’ word that is, let’s not go there…). In your face Weather. Despite the Autumn semester … Continue reading The Final Flurry

On the right tack

Right now I’m in a lull. The choppy waves have calmed, the skies have brightened and I’m drifting ever closer to the shore. As a gentle warm breeze motions across, there’s barely a sound to be heard, and my mind begins to wander off in… SHARK! SHARK! OMG, SHARK! Okay, so, when my new term … Continue reading On the right tack

I’ve Had My FIL: #interlend15

As far as propositions go, spending a no expenses spared* night at a plush Manchester hotel with your employer picking up the tab isn’t the worst. But throw in the phrase ‘networking opportunity’ and all of a sudden a shiver runs down my spine, all of my neck muscles tense and I quickly reach for … Continue reading I’ve Had My FIL: #interlend15

Career Development Day for Library & Information Assistants

In February, Amy, James, Sue and I attended this event run by CPD25, which was aimed specifically at Library & Information Assistants. The event was held in the Hardy Room of the London Mathematical Society on Russell Square. The day was divided into two: in the morning Jeremy Clark from Sue Hill Recruitment held a … Continue reading Career Development Day for Library & Information Assistants