Embedding digital literacies in the curriculum: a webinar by Jo Parker and Katharine Reedy

Katharine and Jo at the book launch for Digital Literacy Unpacked

I was really delighted to host a webinar this afternoon by the editors of one of the key books recommended for the module, Digital Literacy Unpacked published by Facet.┬áJo and Katharine focused on the topic ’embedding digital literacies in the curriculum’ based on their experiences at the Open University. A recording is now available and their slides.

We are going to be discussing this topic next week in the final teaching day which takes place next week on 12th December. We will also be looking at some of the tools the OU have developed to help course teams when they are planning a new programme or reviewing the content in a programme. One thing to consider is embedding digital literacies throughout an entire programme, not just individual modules is clearly an extensive piece of work. But it’s something really important and there are plenty of tools available to help you.

Next week we are going to also look at some of the tools from Jisc largely inspired by this blog post on Designing for Digital Literacies, written by Helen Beetham. Thanks to Katharine and Jo for the webinar today which is the final one this year. However, not the final webinar in the series as I am delighted to have one led by Catherine Cronin on the 11th January 2019 to conclude the series!

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