Module starting in October 2020

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I’ll be delighted to teach this module for the third time starting in October 2020. It feels like there is an even greater need, as we’ve seen the rapid shift to online learning at City but also around the world in education, to consider our own and our students digital literacies and also our approach to openness in our practice. At the heart of this module is a critical approach to our own teaching, learning and research practices and I hope that it’s a chance to challenge assumptions we make about what we know, what our learners know and can do and who has power and authority within academia as well as within our disciplines.

If you are interested in any of these questions then do consider signing up to this module or following online as I shift the course online, and plan to release the teaching materials openly and licensed under Creative Commons. As ever I hope to line up a series of expert guest speakers so there will also be an open webinar series and I am planning to ask each of my speakers to reflect on their topic in light of the pandemic. I hope you will join me, either informally or by enrolling on the module and I am excited to teach on subjects I feel so passionate about and which I think are at the heart of higher education today.

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  1. I am really looking forward to EDM122 .Thank you Jane for listening the reading list too so I can make head start before October.

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