Sharing my student assignments openly!

Copyright literacy cakes

Copyright literacy cakes

This year for the first time I modified the assessment for the module EDM122 to require students to publish their final assignment openly on a blog. Over the next few days I will release most of these assignments in a series of blog posts from the 2022/23 cohort. It was also a requirement to add an open licence to the work and to explain why they’d chosen the licence they did. This change has really helped students engage more fully with developing their digital literacies but also thinking about how open licensing works.

I’m so delighted that they agreed to do this and I really hope you enjoy reading about different aspects of digital literacy and open practice and how it relates to their practice.

I also hope to be starting some further research into staff attitudes towards digital literacy and open practice over the coming months.

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3 thoughts on “Sharing my student assignments openly!

  1. Oh that’s amazing and I see some are published, excited to read them!

    We have always made open licensing optional but that is a great idea, I’d love to hear more about that; maybe it’s something we could incorporate here. Would you allow a learner to actively choose not to use an open licence if they were prepared to justify it?

    We need to up our cake game here…

    1. Hi Chris – yes I meant to share the news with Sam as well. This is the first time I have done this, as I changed the module assessment to ensure they engage with open licenses. I am happy for people not to share their work if they can justify their choice, but so far everyone was happy to do this, just with varying degrees of openness.

      1. That’s great, thanks, and there’s still plenty of choice within the open licence gamut.

        I have started a discussion about possibly taking inspiration from your approach and will let you know if we do anything!

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