New Parents Community

As part of the module Interaction Design, we were asked to create a tool in order to help a specific community to work in groups. After consideration and examination of other possibilities, as a team, we decided to create an application aiming to help parents with children from 0 to 5 years old.

We created a questionnaire and a survey to see excactly what is needed in the community and we tried to collect more information by making an observation. After analysing all these data, we extracted some requirements and we created 3 different personas. We used the techniques of storyboards and future user journeys and after that, we created the wireframes of the application and designed a poster to communicate our idea.

With this app, parents with no network or parents not having a lot of time, could easily find information about their community and what is going on in it. With this app, parents have access to a list of events that take place in their area, easily and quickly, and by this to meet new parents. In any event, parents could collaborate and create a story by uploading photos, videos and/or comments and ratings regarding the event. Apart from events and activities, in the app, users can find other useful information for their children focusing on their local area such as information about schools, dentists etc.

The application that was described above, uses beacoin, in order to inform the users about events and activities that will take place in the area that they are passing from.

In addition, an interactive screen could be placed in parent centers community  to take advantage of the physical spaces in the community.  According to Deloitte 2016, 1 out of 5 adults do not have a smartphone therefore, parents with no smartphones can have access to the information that is shared through the app.

In the last part of this coursework, we evaluated both the app and the interactive screen by testing a set of wireframes. Users found the layout of the app easy to use but this could be tested further by using more wireframes. In general, the satisfaction rate was good and the usability success rate high. Error rate was really low but this could be improved by changing some aspects in the system in future work.

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