Designing a Digital Dosette Box 1/2

In the tutorials of the module Interaction Design, we were challenged to create a digital dosette box in groups of 4. We came up with different ideas about how to make it easy in use and help users in the best way we could.

For our first try to create a digital dosette box, we focused on people over 60 years old. We tried to digitalize the commonly used dosette box which is square shaped. Our dosette box is  vertically divided by day and horizontally by “time”. Each small pill box has a button on it which helps the user to open it easily. The button changes color according to what needs to be done by the user. If it’s time for the user to take the pill, the button blinks softly. If the user has already taken the pill, the button becomes solid led. In the beginning, for our design we used a red button and a green button. The button was red to remind the user to take the pill and the button was green when the user had already taken the pill. We decided to change this to “soft blinking” and “solid led” for users with colorblindness.

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